5 Easy Meal Prep Tips

5 Easy Meal Prep Tips

Meal prepping can be a great way to plan your menu for the week and meet some of your health and fitness goals. However, it can become stressful, especially when time is scarce. Here are 5 tips to help manage time when you're meal prepping:

1. Consolidate your Cooking

One trick that has helped me save a huge amount of time meal prepping is consolidating cooking the same item for different dishes. If you're using items like pasta, rice, and chickpeas in two separate meals, an easy way to save on time (and cleanup) is to cook those portions together.

2. Use Your Appliances

Depending on how many meals you're making, it can be time saving to plan a menu that utilizes both your stove top and oven. If you stick to one appliance, you can increase your time cooking. However, if you diversify your planning to use both, it can be a huge time saver.

3. Prep to Prep

Just like making a menu and grocery list, a good way to be time efficient is to understand the complexity and cook time for each dish. If a dish has passive time such as letting dough rise, it can be time effective to prep those items first and cook other dishes while those are processing.

4. Keep It Simple

One of the biggest tips I would give to meal preppers, especially beginners, is to not try to over complicate your dishes. If you're rushed for time, cooking dishes that do not require too many steps can be a huge help.

5. Incorporate Raw Fruits and Veggies

A great way to save time in your meal routine can be to add in raw fruits and vegetable snacks. This can save a significant amount of time since you're only looking at prep time and not cooking a dish. Personally, I have one or two meals out of 10 that consists of either a raw fruit or vegetable.

Getting starting meal prepping is as easy as that!  Did you find this post helpful?  Leave a comment below.  For alerts on new recipes, posts on how to eat plant-based and more, sign up for the Live Grow Green email list!