Best Raw Foods for Meal Prep

Best Raw Foods For Meal Prep

A great way to help save time during your weekly meal prep is to incorporate raw fruits and vegetables. Not only are these great for you, but it will help reduce your cooking time.

However, you may want to be selective about what raw foods you are incorporating into your meal prep. Ideally, you’d like a hardier fruit or vegetable with a longer shelf life to avoid them spoiling before the end of the week. Foods like avocados are great for you, but they can spoil quickly and they may not last until the end of the week.

Here are 10 fruits and vegetables that are a great addition to any meal prep:



3. Pears

4. Celery

5. Carrots

6. Oranges

7. Tomatoes

8. Peaches

9. Apricots

10. Nectarines

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