Why You Should Be Making Your Own Popcorn

Why You Should Be Making Your Own Popcorn

Why You Should Be Popping Your Own Popcorn

Popping your own popcorn may seem a little bit old fashioned, but there are some great benefits to making your own. Here are some reasons why you should consider making your own popcorn.

Control Your Content

Knowing what goes in my food is one of the biggest reasons I love cooking, and of course it aligns with my health and fitness aspirations as well. It is important for you to know what's in your food, especially if you’re eating a specific way such as plant-based or have any food allergies. When I first switched to a vegan-diet, I saw there were a significant amount of products in my cabinet that had dairy in it. Being able to know what's in your food and to omit ingredients I don’t want has helped me tremendously with plant-based cooking.

Portion Control

One of the greatest strengths to popping your own popcorn is the ability to decide how much you want to make. Rather than making an entire bag, you can cook exactly how much popcorn you'd like.

Get Creative

Starting with plain popcorn gives you the ability to experiment with different flavor combinations or add it into another snack such as popcorn. Personally, I've experimented with such flavor combinations as chili agave, chocolate coconut and cheesy using nutritional yeast.


One of the main reasons I did not start popping my own popcorn immediately is that I thought it would be super inconvenient standing over the stove, shaking a pan for half an hour. In reality, it can be pretty much the same as making bagged pop corn. You can make popcorn in a covered frying pan, which takes around 5-10 minutes. Alternatively, you can buy a popcorn popper, which costs around $20.

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