Our Story

Amanda Pelletier, Founder and CEO of Live Grow Green

Amanda Pelletier, Founder and CEO of Live Grow Green

Hi I’m Amanda! Nice to meet you…

Yeah, that’s me- Amanda- on the left. And yes, I am the crazy person already prepping my garden in beginning of March for planting. I am a hiking, kayaking, nature-loving adventure enthusiast who just can’t stand being inside for too long even in the dead of New England winters.

But, the only thing that I love more than being in nature is cooking. Ever since I was little, I had a deep passion for crafting recipes, experimenting with flavors and connecting those around me using my dishes.

My Journey Begins

I started my plant-based journey a year and a half ago with my life partner seemingly on a whim. Both of us were curious about the results that we had heard about a plant-based diet and decided to keep an open mind and try it.

But, being a weightlifter, I had my doubts. I began to ask myself questions like "where will I get my protein?" "How am I going to create my meals? Can I even make it taste good?" And the all important question "can I really live without cheese?"

Within a matter of days, my hesitation began to dissipate and my life was transformed. I felt like I had so much more energy, my muscles began to recover faster from workouts, and my taste buds and cravings began to shift. I could in fact not only live without cheese, I didn't even crave it.

After seeing the power of this diet, we never went back.

From Plant-Based Passion to Life Long Mission

This way of life has impacted me so powerfully, I made it my life's mission to create a connection between people and their food through a plant-based diet.

If you're thinking about switching or even just need a little inspiration, I've designed monthly meal plans with recipes and groceries list so you can get started at your own pace or pick and choose recipes as you like. We also share free recipes and content on our blog.