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Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup

Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup

Total Time: 30 Minutes | Prep Time: 10 Minutes | Cook Time: 20 Minutes | Servings: 4

4 cups of vegetable broth
2 cups of water
3 cloves of garlic
2 shallots
3 carrots
2 stalks of celery
1 tsp of fresh rosemary
1 tsp of fresh thyme
2 fresh sage leaves
2 tsps of black pepper
1 tsp of paprika
1/2 tsp of turmeric
4 oz of ramen noodles
For Vegan Chicken
14oz of jackfruit
1/2 tsp of black pepper
1/2 tsp of paprika

1. Slice shallots, carrots and celery. Mince garlic.

2. Add vegetable broth, water, garlic, shallots, celery, carrots, rosemary, thyme, sage, black pepper, paprika, turmeric and noodles to a large pot. Boil for approximately 20 minutes or until carrots have softened.

3. To make vegan chicken, add jackfruit to a pan. Break up to create a pulled texture. Drizzle with a small amount of sunflower oil and sprinkle with black pepper and paprika.

4. Saute jackfruit for 10 minutes on medium heat.

5. When ready to serve, top soup with jackfruit and enjoy!


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