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"I have now the system that I’ve been looking for years in place to nurture myself and my family in healthy and time efficient way. It feels like one of the best investments in my health, well being and freedom that I ever did."


It truly changed my world!!! Since many years I am giving my best to make the transition into a raw-vegan diet (because it truly feels amazingly light and powerful for me) - but so far I didn’t make it on my own. I constantly felt overwhelmed, didn’t know which recipes I should use and how to make it happen time wise (as a mum and entrepreneur). Your course gave me amazing guidance on how to easily make the shift and truly integrate it in the best way for me - without the overextension part I experienced before."


"This course provided so much more information than I thought it would. It provided a lot of clarity and tools in order to transition to a plant based diet smoothly. How to navigate those situations you may find yourself in, such as where food is the center of celebration."

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If you're spending hours in the kitchen cooking, it can be hard to figure out exactly where to get started when it comes to getting your time back.  Our blog has a 100+ simple recipes designed to make cooking easy - without sacrificing taste. 

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Jul 22, 2024

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Jul 15, 2024

Creamy Avocado Pasta Recipe with Fresh Herbs

Jul 08, 2024

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